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Scubaotter is run by a passionate team of scuba divers based all over the world. Want to learn more about scuba diving, scuba dive gear, or dive locations? You’ve come to the right place.

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Scuba Diving Equipment

Having well fitted and up-to-date scuba diving equipment is key to getting the most out of your dives. All equipment reviews on Scubaotter has been used and tested by a team member.

Scuba Dive Locations

You’re ready to go for a dive, but just aren’t sure where to go. After a Scubaotter team member dives at a location, we create the ultimate diving guide for that location.




You’re thinking about going on a liveaboard, but just aren’t sure where to go. Check out our in-depth guide to liveaboards as well as the location database.

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Scubaotter Blog

Scubaotter uses its blog to educate scuba divers and discuss current scuba diving events, practices, and more.


Best Diving Locations

Liveaboard Locations

Scuba Gear Reviews

Individual Product Reviews