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We all hope that we never run into a diving related emergency, but unfortunately, it happens.

If you’re thinking about getting some safety equipment, you’re probably thinking…

Do I need a scuba diving knife – and which one should I get?!

We’ve got you sorted with a quick rundown of the importance of knives and some of the best scuba diving knives on the market.


Which Type Should I Get?

Line cutters are the safest option and are often found unsheathed as the blade is protected. This is the best choice for those who travel a lot, especially into territories where knives are controlled.

They’re also a great choice for beginners who may feel nervous about carrying an exposed blade around scuba gear.

Knives are best for confident scuba divers and are the most versatile choice. Avoid big, Rambo-style sea hunter knives and opt for a short, sturdy knife with a variety of features.

Very long knives are harder to control and risk damaging your vital, and expensive, diving equipment.

Shears are a great back up choice – there’s a reason they are popular with EMTs and firefighters, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Carrying a pair of diving shears as well as a knife is the combination of tools we recommend.

5 Best Dive Knives

Our best all-round selection is the Cressi Skorpion diving knife. The blade features smooth, serrated and line cutting elements, ensuring its versatility.

It is medium-sized, with a 4 ¾ inch blade. Both sides of the blade are easy to sharpen and its corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction makes it an excellent, reliable budget scuba knife.

It can also be purchased with a titanium blade, for only a small price increase. You have a choice of either a sharp or blunt tip.

This lightweight diving knife comes with a snugly fitting sheath, which has a locking mechanism that you can release with one hand.

The handle is molded rubber with a tank banging tip and is a suitable size for both men and women. Two long rubber straps mean it can be attached to the arm or leg.

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