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If you’re a female scuba diver, we made this guide for you.

We know…

Scuba diving is a hobby that’s skewed towards men making it difficult to find the right gear.

For most of you ladies out there, the Cressi Travelight is a fantastic travel buoyancy control device that supports the smaller builds females typically have. It also comes in a sexy black pink making it a favorite among female divers.

Best BCDs For Women

If you are a beginner diver, and you’re looking for a comfortable BCD for women, you can’t go wrong with the Cressi Travelight BCD. The uniqueness of this device stems from its smooth and sand-proof design.

You can put your fears to rest, knowing that your stem and filter won’t get cluttered by sand. What’s more, is that this BCD is ideal for traveling purposes. You can also refer to “the best travel BCDs‘ guide (link to travel bcds).

Therefore, as we said, if you’re a beginner or recreational diver, this BCD would be the perfect fit for you.

Scubapro BCDIf you are looking for a BCD that features a sturdy design and can deliver an extensive lifespan, the Scubapro Hydros BCD For Women is the perfect fit for you.

What makes this BCD special is that it’s built from high-quality materials, standing out from the average buoyancy devices.

Moreover, you can adjust customization easily by removing and adding extra weight so the jacket can perfectly fit your size.

When it comes down to comfort, it’s worth mentioning the injection-molded harness and the dual-compound backplate, which provide extra convenience.

cressi start proIf you’re seeking for the best BCD out there specifically for beginner divers that features excellent comfort, the perfect pick for you would be the Cressi Start Pro BCD. The uniqueness of this jacket stems from its extra padding foam.

This makes your dive trips exceptionally convenient and enjoyable. Moreover, the BCD comes with a bullet-proof design which makes it stand out from the average devices and likewise last longer.

Furthermore, the device comes with adjustable weight and straps so it can fit against your body snugly. Another cool feature is the added weight system. It features quick-release buckles.

The Aqualung BCD comes with a full package of two regulators and a dive computer. What’s more, is that the buoyancy device features a sleek design that catches the eyes of fellow divers.

Moreover, the jacket comes with extra pockets and a couple of D-rings that allow you to keep your dive equipment and accessories such as scuba cameras (link to scuba cameras guide) in hand-reach.

This one is also an incredible fit for any diver who is just entering the industry. This BCD is available in various sizes. Therefore, you’ll definitely find the perfect size that fits you snugly.

The Zeagle Zena BCD is the perfect buoyancy device for any diving woman. It lays against body curves comfortably.

What’s more, is that the jacket features a twin waist and hip band system. This allows diving women to position their weight below the level of the waist.

Thus they become more stable and secure. Except for exceptional security, this will also enhance the diver’s buoyancy.

When it comes down to comfort, it’s worth mentioning that the Zeagle Zena BCD features a convenient design. It will undoubtedly make your dive trips worthwhile.

Moreover, it comes with a streamlined profile, which reduces the bulk size and makes diving endeavors for smaller women a breeze.

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