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A good dive mask is usually the first piece of gear that divers buy for themselves, and it’s a pretty good idea because using a leaky old rental from your dive shop can ruin your whole dive.

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding on what mask is best for you. All of the best scuba gear brands produce their own versions of great masks, but what one is best for you?

We put together this list of great scuba diving masks that we recommend so that you can choose the perfect one for your situation. Things to consider are comfort, affordability, and fields of view. We made sure to cover all aspects in our list, as well as the tops brands.

We put this guide together to make it easier for you to find the very best masks on the market so that you never have a dive ruined by a crappy old rental again!

Top Masks for Scuba Diving Reviewed

best dive mask

Of course, we can’t have a complete list of great dive masks, without mentioning Aqua Lung, and in our opinion, their Mission model is their best option for every diver.

Low profile, big windows, and wide views, and many color options. What more can you ask for from one of the world’s top companies.

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The Hollis M1 is one of our favorite dive masks. We love this frameless mask with its huge single window that gives a huge field of view.

This slick, black design from Hollis has both style and efficiency in mind. It features a frameless design and extra low profile so you have the best visibility possible. It is a very versatile design that fits many face shapes and sizes. The matte black design looks awesome too!

It also folds flat, making it perfect for travel. The low-profile silicone skirt is very comfortable and I have no problem with leaking, but if I forget to put a de-fogger on the lens, it can get a little fogged up since it’s so close to my face. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

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Cressi F1

The F1 is probably the cheapest mask on this list, but quite possibly one of the best looking. Regardless of price, we would be happy to be diving with this one.

It is an excellent mask that features a single lens with a super-soft opaque silicone skirt – in a variety of exciting colors! It’s also a great option for snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

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Tusa Freedom CeosThis is a great mask for beginners that is accessible to a variety of budgets.

TUSA masks are well known for their versatility in fitting many different face shapes with their super soft silicone skirts. In fact, many dive shops point people towards TUSA masks first when they come looking for good diving masks, as they are so often a perfect fit.

They have two lenses that are removable and interchangeable which is vital if you wish to use prescription lenses in your mask. If you need prescription lenses, this would be our best mask recommendation!

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Tusa HdVery similar in fit to the Freedom Ceos is the Freedom Elite HD – the key difference is that it has one lens instead of two.

This means less visual disruption but does mean that it cannot be fitted with prescription lenses.

As with the Ceos, and most TUSA models, it will fit most but is a little larger than the Ceos. For that reason, it is a better match for those with larger faces.

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atomicThis mask is fantastically durable due to its lack of an exposed external frame. It is a slim design that is generally better suited to older children, women, or those with thinner faces.

The two lenses can be easily removed, ideal for those who wish to fit prescription lenses.

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best dive mask

The Cyanea is our favorite mask from Oceanic, and it looks awesome as well. Just like the two masks above, it has big windows and low profile side skirts, and different color options.

The only thing that we are not so sure about, is the nylon/elastic snowboard style strap. This is a first for us, but if you think it would be more comfortable, then you should try it and let us know!

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best dive mask

This low-profile, high comfort mask is available is multiple stylish colors, thanks to an innovative metallic paint method process on the frame that gives the mask a rich look of stylish eyewear.

The Spectra Mask doesn’t just look good. It is a prime mask, in terms of function. The Spectra Mask has a double feathered edge high-quality silicone rubber skirt and a wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combine to create a perfect seal on the face.

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best dive mask

Of course, we had to include Mares, one of our favorite brands. Mares X-Vision Liquidskin Two Window Mask is a great choice for vision underwater. With the addition of Mares patented Liquid skin technology, the X-Vision now offers comfort that was formerly impossible.

By co-molding two different types of silicone, there is no longer a need to compromise comfort in order to support the frame structure of a mask.

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best dive mask

If you are an Atomic fan, then this is the mask for you. Atomic is an awesome brand that makes some high-quality gear, this mask included.

This is one of the most expensive masks on the list, at around $145, but it is worth it for Atomic and frameless mask lovers.

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Why Should I Buy A Scuba Diving Mask?

Buying your first scuba diving mask is a rite of passage. They are reasonably priced, easy to carry, and even easier to use, so they are often the first bit of kit that many scuba divers buy.

But why?

Well, first off is the convenience. Once you have your own, perfectly fitting, scuba diving mask (more on that later), you will struggle to see how you ever dived with anything else.

You can also adapt your mask to you, without worrying that the next diver is going to ruin your finely tuned work! Find your perfect strap length and anti-fog method or even put in prescription lenses.

If you are wearing a dive shop’s mask, it is natural to be concerned about the cleanliness of wearing something which has been on another’s face. Though they are (hopefully) cleaned between divers – the “ick” factor is real!

Aside from convenience and safety, you can really let your style shine through with a scuba mask. Whether your personal scuba look is all black or bright pink, there is a mask to suit you.

Whichever your reason, buying the best scuba diving mask for you is going to be a great investment!

What Should I Look For In A Scuba Mask?

When looking for the best scuba diving mask for you, getting a perfect fit is always the number one priority. We go into more detail about how to get this perfect fit later on.

The number two priority for a good dive mask is the comfort, which has a lot to do with the skirting. The skirting is usually made out of soft silicone which molds to your face.

It’s important when trying a mask to see if you feel a pinch anywhere, or as though the skirting is digging in. Remember, any problems on the surface will be accentuated below the surface!

Now, colors may seem like solely a style choice, and when buying a product like fins or snorkels it is, but it is a little more complicated when buying a scuba mask. When buying a mask, you can choose between a clear or opaque skirt.

The clear skirt allows more light into the mask which is ideal for claustrophobic divers or when diving in low light or visibility. Bright situations, such as sunlight reflecting off the sandy seabeds of Gili Trawangan can quickly become dazzling with a clear skirt.

Black or opaque skirts are great for bright conditions as it blocks some of this reflective light, this is why they are a favorite amongst photographers. The downside is that they can be more claustrophobic.

As for the rainbow of colors of opaque skirts on offer? Well, that’s just a style choice you’ll have to make for yourself!

Other factors to consider are whether you go for a frameless scuba mask (only glass and silicon skirting) or framed (glass, silicone and a hard plastic frame around the lenses). This is a personal preference and you can find both amongst top-rated dive masks.

Low profile and low volume models are generally regarded as the best scuba masks as they are easy to clear and because of the proximity to the face, the visibility is excellent. The only downside is for those with extra long eyelashes!

Scuba Mask Fitting Guide

How Do I Check The Fit Of My Scuba Mask?

Having a mask that fits perfectly to your face is not only about the comfort of a leak-free dive, but also safety. When your mask fits perfectly, you should be able to dive with no strap – though we don’t recommend trying it if you’re a beginner diver! If you are a beginner, you can check out a few of our top tips here!

Finding the perfect fit for your face may be trial and error. The skirting on each scuba mask is subtly different and some will fit the curvature of your face better than others.

Follow our super-quick guide below:

Quick Mask Fitting Guide

Hopefully, you’ve now found your perfect fitting scuba diving mask – congratulations!

If not, don’t be disheartened – try lots of models and you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Hopefully, you’ve now found your perfect fitting scuba diving mask – congratulations!

If not, don’t be disheartened – try lots of models and you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

So what mask should you choose?

Still not sure what one to go with, with all these great options? There are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect mask for you, so let’s go through those, and then I will just give my recommendations and all-time favorites, that you can’t go wrong with.


Obviously, you should think about your budget, check the prices in the links above, and that will be a big factor. But obviously, since there are a lot of options around the same prices, there will be more factors to think about.


There are usually a smaller size option for each of the masks above, so be sure to check that with the links for each, if you have a smaller face. As for comfort, I don’t think you will have a problem with any of the options on the list, as they are all top brands.

So what Mask do we recommend?

We can not say enough good things about Aqua Lung or Hollis masks. I personally use the Hollis M1, but also love the Mission from Aqua Lung. The M1 has never let me down and looks great as well. I have lost it a few times here and there, but always get another one exactly like it. I love that mask!

I even carry a spare one sometimes, as it smashes flat, with the buckles folding in flat along the frameless front, and it takes up no room in my BCD pocket. It’s always nice having a spare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better – 1 Or 2 Lenses?

Masks come with up to 4 lenses and most people discover a preference for a certain design. The benefits of a single pane offer the most uninterrupted field of vision as the panorama is not broken by the lens break over the nose.

Dual lenses reduce the range of vision but often have a lower volume, allowing the mask to sit closer to the face. They also enable prescription lenses so if this is something you need, dual lenses are the way to go.

Multi lens masks, with extra lenses on the side, allow greater peripheral vision, and are good for those with claustrophobia. However, the joins of the lenses can create blind spots and distortions.

Can You Get Masks With GoPro Attachments?

Yes! You can find masks with attachments above the bridge of the nose for a hands-free diving experience.

We recommend the Octomask GoPro Dive Mask as it fits most models of action cam and is a great mask regardless of its recording capabilities!

Should I Buy A Snorkel At The Same Time As A Mask?

This depends on your requirements. Many masks come with snorkels, especially the cheaper models which are often aimed at snorkelers.

However, you might find that you prefer to shop for the best snorkel for you separately so you can get the very best combinations for you.

Should I Get One Of Those Full Face Masks?

First of all, it is impossible to dive in a full-face snorkeling mask so we don’t recommend them. Secondly, these face masks are considered more dangerous than standard masks.

They have been implicated in a number of deaths relating to the buildup of CO2 in the narrow tubes. It’s also impossible to equalize in them so you would have to stay on the surface.

I Have Thick Facial Hair – What Is The Best Mask For Me?

The best scuba mask for facial hair is one that fits your face well. As long as it forms a good seal around the rest of your face, you should manage just fine – though you may need to clear your mask more than a smoother faced buddy!

Here are a few tips to ensure the best possible seal: Shave it! (Sorry, but it really will help!) Shave the area just under your nose – Maybe the pencil tache is a good look for you!

Use mask seal – This silicon-based balm will help the mask form a tight seal where the hair is on your upper lip. Tip – DO NOT use vaseline as it will break down the silicone of your mask.

I Have A Really Small Face – Is There A Best Scuba Mask For Me?

As with everyone, trial and error are your friends, though you may need to try on more masks than most.

The best scuba mask for small faces varies from person to person. If you’re really struggling, try out some of the children’s masks!

Do I Need To Burn My Mask?

New scuba masks come with a silicone coating inside the glass which leaves the lenses prone to fogging.

A popular method of ridding yourself of this layer is to “burn” the lens with a lighter whilst other methods include scrubbing vigorously with toothpaste. We don’t recommend taking a lighter to your brand new mask unless you are an experienced scuba professional!

It is much safer for you, and your new purchase, to take your mask into a dive shop to ask for their advice and help.


A mask is the most important piece of scuba diving equipment you can buy and it is important to ensure it fits properly.

Whether you choose to visit your local dive shop or go on an online shopping spree, make sure you follow our tips above to ensure you find the best scuba diving mask for you!


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Thanks good tips. I have laugh lines and was told no mask will fit without leaking…thus I’ve not bought anything as I’d like to invest in a good mask but if the experience will be the same it’s best to just get a cheap one from a retail store, but I see u refer to mask seal, so I’m still educating myself on this.

Hey Maragaret,

Glad we could help!

Mask seal can be clutch.

Please let us know how that works for you.