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This guide will cover all the best options for sling backpacks. Depending on your needs, the best sling backpack for one person, might not be the best for another.

Scubaotter has taken the time to review some of the most popular sling backpacks out there, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Sling backpacks are a popular type of bag that has a single strap across one shoulder.

Due to the way the weight is distributed across the bag, it fits perfectly and stays on while on the move.

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SEEU Sling Bag Backpack

SEEU sling backpack

This backpack is quite basic. If you just need a sling backpack to go from point A to point B, then this is your bag!

It is quite comfortable and can be used to carry everyday items.

The bag is water-resistant and comfortable and can be used for all outdoor activities.

This backpack comes in nearly any color combination. For storage, the bag has multiple pockets and a place for a water bottle.

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Waterfly Sling chest backpack

Waterfly sling backpack

Design of the bag: Because this bag comes with a cross-body strap, it can be used both as a chest bag and a sling backpack.

This bag is relatively large, as it can accommodate your cellphones.

It has a series of convenient zippers and a compartment for storage of property, and it is made with quality nylon and mesh fiber.

Functionality: it is a convenient bag that can be used by all for activities like day and short trips. It is a great everyday bag.

Capacity: it is a multipurpose bag. It has a compartment for bottles and 3 extra pockets.

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Outdoor Master Slingbag

Outdoor master sling backpack

Design of the bag: It is quite small and portable, but adequately spacious. It is a regular everyday slingbag too, and it increases organization skills as one would have to organize your items like phones and sunglasses in the bag.

It comes with a strap that can hook and unhook to give the wearer a choice in what shoulder he/she wants it to be on. It is quite lightweight and doesn’t cause any prickly feeling on the back.

Functionality: it can be used to carry one’s day-to-day items to work, school or the gym.

Capacity: it comes only in black, green, dark blue and grey, weighing only 1 pound. It has 4 zipper compartments, and it has a little pocket that can be used to safely store vitals, like credit cards and flash drives.

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Meru Sling Backpack bag

Meru Sling backpack

Design of the bag: it is a quality, flashy backpack that makes one think of sports, fitness, the environment, and health. It is very stylish and beautiful, not to mention affordable.

The bag is made with quality cotton canvas. Functionality: it is comfortable and easy, with the pockets very easily accessible. It can carry all of one’s basic essentials, and it is a good bag for taking a power walk, hiking or riding a bike.

Capacity: This is a comfortable backpack with five pockets. One of the thinner exterior pockets is made with a Velcro strip and is good for safely storing items like tickets and credit cards.

This backpack has two holes to bring out iPod cables in case one needs music while taking a ride.

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Maleden Sling Backpack

maleden sling backpack

Design of the bag: This backpack can boast of 4 pluses. It’s a chest bag, it’s a backpack, it’s scratch-resistant and it’s water-resistant. It has an adjustable crossbody strap.

This bag comes in a variety of colors. Functionality: it is a good bag for everyone and can accommodate a number of important things. It is both a chest bag and a backpack and can perform the functions of the two equally well.

Capacity: This bag is quite exotic with four compartments. One of the compartments is large enough to fit a notebook.

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