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With Bitcoin not being as widespread as a country’s standard currency, some thought will need to go into the process of acquiring scuba gear with Bitcoin.

This article presents a compiled list of online sources you can use to help aid your objective of paying for scuba gear using bitcoin.



Free Dive Gili Site

Gyft is a platform that has partnered with over two hundred retailers with the end goal of bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream retailers such as:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy

All of your gift cards are in one place through using Gyft. Partnered retailers where you can locate specific scuba gear include Cabelas and Bass Pro.

The process of acquiring a gift card through Gyft with Bitcoin is simple. Users simply have to select the retailer they wish to purchase a gift card from using cryptocurrency, go to the checkout form, and select Bitcoin as their form of payment.

Free Dive Gili Site

Overstock is an established online retailer that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. Overstock makes our list because typing in “scuba” in the search bar yields exceptional results for consumers.

With hundreds of scuba results popping up on Overstock, feel free to narrow the search using the website’s filtering options that include:

  • Color selection
  • Price range
  • Bestsellers
  • Products on sale
  • Brands
  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Customer ratings

When looking to pay for scuba gear using bitcoin, a new diver will find Overstock to be appealing. A variety of products are offered on Overstock that can either start or complete a diver’s collection.

Payment on Overstock using Bitcoin is straightforward. Simply scroll toward the bottom of the checkout screen and select Bitcoin as your payment method.

Free Dive Gili Site

Newegg is designed to be easily accessible as its website neatly organizes products from a wide variety of retailers.

Are you looking to cut to the chase on Newegg? Go ahead and type “scuba” into the search bar to see hundreds of products that will prepare you for your next scuba adventure.

Along with conventional scuba offerings such as neoprene sock and wetsuits, Newegg supplies users with related products such as cameras and safety equipment to round out a diver’s inventory.

Safety products to buy on Newegg in conjunction with typical scuba gear can include reflective vests and whistles.

If you’ve been researching brands of products to purchase, Newegg can help point you toward your desired company as their filtering options on the left side of the web display page has a manufacturer drop-down menu.

Purchase categories for products on Newegg include:

  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished

Similar to sites such as Overstock or Gyft, purchasing items with Bitcoin on Newegg is designed to be easy. While filling out a checkout form, users will have the option to select Bitcoin as a payment method.

Fancy Site

Upon entering Fancy’s website, users are presented with a sleek platform that applies to several retail categories that include scuba diving.

After entering “scuba” in Fancy’s search bar, the display of products is presented in a visually emphasized format similar to other sites such as Pinterest.

The results yielded from searching “scuba” in the site’s search bar aren’t as extensive as sites such as Newegg, yet they provide users with opportunities to explore niche products.

In addition to some new machinery such as scuba sea scooters, a range of fashionable apparel options are available for those looking to express their scuba interests outside of the water.

Select Bitcoin as your payment method in Fancy’s checkout form, and you’re good to go!

egifter Site

eGifter is a site similar to Gyft that allows users to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin that link to retailers such as Home Depot and Kohl’s that don’t accept Bitcoin.

When browsing for scuba gear through eGifter, look toward partnered retailers such as Cabelas, Bass Pro, and REI for basic Scuba needs.

REI has an excellent selection of wetsuits that vary in price, design, and features. Dive watches are an essential piece of a diver’s collection.

Garmin’s cutting edge Mk1 dive watch is for sale on REI’s site with a handful of exciting and applicable features:

  • Satelite detectable GPS
  • Step tracking
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Depth measurement

Other essential diving gear such as masks, fins, and knives can be found on REI’s website and purchased through eGifter to round out a diver’s collection.

Can I Buy Liveaboards With Bitcoin?

From what we can tell, buying Liveaboards with Bitcoin isn’t possible. Liveaboard.com is the largest seller of these cruises, but don’t currently offer Bitcoin transactions.

What Scuba Gear Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Nearly any piece of scuba equipment can be purchased using Bitcoin:

As long as it’s listed on some of these sites above, you’re good to go!


Gift card buying websites such as Gyft or eGifter are best for connecting consumers to mainstream corporate retailers that cover basic scuba needs. They use coupon systems which are similar to affiliate programs in order to discount travel and scuba gear.

More recently established sites such as Newegg or Fancy can help users explore items they might not have thought would be present on the market.

The sites listed in this article make cryptocurrency payment simple as the checkout forms provide the opportunity to utilize Bitcoin as a form of payment through a click of a button.

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