What comes to mind when you think of Costa Rica?

Let me guess…

Luscious rainforests, immense biodiversity, and gorgeous beaches.

Well, you’re not wrong…

But what most people don’t know, is that there’s plenty of exotic scuba diving locations for you to explore here.

Interested in doing some diving in Costa Rica?

Well, we’ve got you covered as this is the ultimate guide to scuba diving in Costa Rica!

Top Diving Locations In Costa Rica

Isla Del Cano

Isla Del Cano

Isla Del Cano is an island and ecological reserved ~20km off the coast of Costa Rica.

Formed over 50 million years ago from the shifting of tectonic plates, the island is home to some of Costa Rica’s best reefs.

Due to its exotic and remote location, most of the marine park is untouched from the outside world. It’s some of the bluest water you’ll find.


Catalina Islands

The Catalina Islands, also known as the “Cats”, are a formation of around 20 islands towards the Northwest side of Costa Rica.

Likely the most popular diving in Costa Rica, its location makes it more accessible than the previously mentioned Cano Island.

Bat Islands

Bat Islands

Tortuga Islands

Cocos Islands

cocos island

When To Go Diving In Costa Rica

Diving takes place in Costa Rica year-round. The summer months are typically warmer and more crowded while the winter months are colder and less crowded (cheaper!)

Dry Season

From December to April, Costa Rica goes through a dry season which typically brings in peak numbers of tourists.

Wet Season

From May to November, the rainy season comes in with it raining a few times a day. It’s not too bad to deal with and certain marine life has been reported to be more active during these months.

Liveaboards in Costa Rica

Liveaboard diving in Costa Rica is one of the best ways to explore all the country has to offer. Although Costa Rica is a relatively small country, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate.

By diving on a Costa Rican liveaboard, you’ll be able to experience all the above-mentioned sites while cruising on a yacht.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Look no further than the Argo. Due to the relatively remote location of Coco’s Island, the Argo is a perfect way to visit the island.

For more information on Costa Rican liveaboards, feel free to visit our Costa Rica liveaboards guide!

Scuba Diving Conditions In Costa Rica


As far as water temperature goes, depending on the season Costa Rica can range from 26-29ºC (78-84ºF).


The currents in Costa Rica are somewhat strong, with them being more intense the more remote you go.


Visibility in Costa Rica is pretty decent at around 15-30 meters/50-100 feet. This depends on the day and things like the weather. It goes without saying, the more remote you are, the higher the visibility there will be.

How To Get To Costa Rica

It’s rather easy to get to Costa Rica through various flights and airlines.

That being said, the country’s largest airports are:

  • Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose (SJO)
  • Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia (LIR)

What’s great about Costa Rica is that there’s plenty of smaller airstrips where you can book flights with airlines like Sansa.

These flights have relatively few people on them (5-10) and are great for navigation and sightseeing.


Now that you have some background on scuba diving in Costa Rica, you should be fully informed for your next diving trip!

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