Bali will most probably be your first stop when visiting Indonesia. And there’s enough on this magical island to keep you entranced for several months. It’s also home to some of the best scuba diving spots in Indonesia.

Even if you’re heading to Komodo,  Raja Ampat, or somewhere else remote in Indonesia, it’s worth scheduling some extra time in Bali to hang out and explore. We fell in love with the island, and we’re sure you will too.

Bali is basically the gateway to all of Indonesia, with cheap domestic flights or boats going all over the country from here, like the Gili Islands,

One thing that will hit you as soon as you get off that plane in Denpasar, is how amazing the architecture is, which is always complemented with tons of stone carvings of Hindu gods and demons. We can never get enough.

When making this giant list of some of the coolest things you don’t want to miss during your visit, it was actually hard to just limit it to 101! There are just so many awesome things going on, that you will have to discover them for yourself!

We are also looking for even more great things to do or things going on in Bali, so if you know of something that isn’t listed here, just comment below and let us know why people should check it out!

101 of the Best Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

1. Visit Ulun Danu Temple

This floating temple, yes I said floating, is in the middle of the lake called Lake Beratan, in the middle of Bali. Also known as Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, this is one of the more unique and beautiful temples in Bali, that you won’t want to miss. To get there, hire a driver or use Uber, and they will know how to get there! Should be about 2.5 hours from Ubud.


2. Explore Sidemen

Sidemen, pronounced Si-da-men, covers an enchanting valley where you can see landscapes of terraced hills overshadowed by Gunung Agung, as well as experience traditional village life and get away from the normal crowds. The drive from Ubud will take about 1.5 hours, and is pretty scenic itself.


3. Visit the silversmiths in Celuk

Celuk is a traditional Balinese village located in the entrance gate of Gianyar Regency, where lots of silver and goldsmiths create great jewelry and artworks, and you can watch them at work, and then buy it yourself. This is a long-standing craft, that has turned into a tourist attraction, bringing money to the village.


4. Take a cooking class at Bumbu Bali

This unique class provides an insight into the many techniques, traditional and modern, of food preparation and the cooking style used in homes across the island. You can work with spices and flavors and recipes not common in the west. You start in the morning with a visit to the local vegetable and fish market where many of the ingredients are purchased for the day’s program.


5. Explore underwater in Pemuteran

Pemuteran is a laid-back village in Northern Bali. While it is still considered to be quiet and low-key compared to more popular Bali cities and villages such as Seminyak, Ubud, and Kuta, it is picking up in popularity, especially for scuba diving.


6. Take in a Kecak dance at Uluwatu

The Kecak fire dance or show happens at Uluwatu near sunset and is something you definitely want to check out. It is hard to describe but can be trippy to watch with scary masks and costumes and chanting and yelling, and it is one of my favorite things to watch in Bali. You’ll probably be visiting Uluwatu anyway, so make sure to watch the show!


7. Bathe in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul was built in 926 A.D. and is dedicated to Vishnu. It is now one of the biggest and most popular temples in Bali. Tirta Empul is located near the town of Tampaksiring in the village of Manukaya, which is about a 30-minute drive to the north of Ubud. Actually, you probably won’t be bathing unless you are Hindu, but it’s an amazing temple to visit and experience.

8. Gaze on the rice paddy fields of Tabanan

Many would say that the real Bali is in the many rice fields around the island, where you can get away from the crowds and mass tourism, and be in a place where time stood still. The views of these fields and villages are quite beautiful and tranquil, which is why we list so many on here.

9. Try muck diving in Padang Bai

Muck might be an ugly word, but it is an underwater photographer’s heaven. Muck dive sites are where you find all the photographers with their macro lenses pointed in the sand, trying to get photos of tiny, rare, and amazing creatures. Look out for stargazers, nudibranchs, frogfish, blue ring octopus, ribbon eels, and much more.

Check out our entire guide to scuba diving around Bali here.


10. Explore Menjangan Island

If you are looking for something really far out of the way, or for a fun road trip, take the 4ish hour ride to Menjangan Island in northwest Bali. Menjangan is part of the West Bali National Park and is well known for its beautiful landscapes and beach. Reach the island via a small port in Labuhan Lalang.

And while you are there…


11. Scuba diving around Menjangan Island

We told you how to get to Menjangan Island above, and while you are there you definitely need to check out the amazing scuba diving. There are some wall dives where you can see big gorgonian fans with pygmy seahorses, giant sponges, and small caverns. Beginners can also enjoy shallow, no-current dives with 50m visibilities. It’s great for all.


12. Try some duck at Bebek Bengil in Ubud

Also known as the Dirty Duck Diner, Bebek Bengil in Ubud offers ‘original crispy duck since 1990’, as well as duck satays and smoked duck (which has to be ordered a day in advance) as well as lots of other international and Indonesian selections.

13. Get your fix at the Pod chocolate factory

Pod is an awesome chocolate-making company, that sources all of its ingredients locally, and supports the community. They are located in Carang Sari Village, just north of the Monkey Forest, across the river from Ubud, and offer their own factory tours, where you will see the full process from tree to raw cocoa to their final products.

14. Check out Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is one of the most famous temples in Bali, famed for its beautiful offshore setting, constant crashing waves, and beautiful sunsets. The temple is located in the Beraban village of the Tabanan regency, approximately 20km northwest of Kuta. Put this on your to-see list while in Bali.

15. Take surfing lessons in Kuta

Kuta is the ultimate backpacker and surfer hangout for Bali, and when you are there you are guaranteed to run into an Australian carrying a surfboard at some point! Closest to the beach there are tons of shops offering lessons for all skill levels, or if you just want to go out alone, you can rent boards right on the beach.

16. Take in the beauty and mischief of the Monkey Forest in Ubud

We love visiting the Monkey Forest, for a few different reasons. The first is the beauty. intermingled with old trees and vines are tons of large to small Hindu stone carvings, that are fascinating.

To make it even more fun, there are ladies selling bananas so that you can feed the monkeys by hand. They are much more friendly than at Uluwatu.


17. Go white water rafting on the Ayung River

For most tours, you will get picked up in the morning, and head to the Ayung River entry near Ubud. You will spend the day rafting both rough and calm waters, swimming in clear water, and checking out hidden waterfalls. There are about 10 kilometers of class 2 and 3 rapids, so hang on!

18. Visit Pantai Indah in Sanur

Pantai Indah is a Warung right on the Sanur beach, where you can eat in a really quiet and relaxing setting. This isn’t the cheapest place to each or drink, but it gets you away from the more touristy restaurants lining the beach, and you get to eat facing the waves with toes in the sand.

19. Head to the Bali Butterfly park

Nature lovers might like to check out the Butterfly sanctuary, about 10 minutes drive from Ubud, or 45 from Kuta. The park is full of many species of butterfly and flowers, as well as little waterfalls and koi-filled ponds. It’s a pretty cool little setup and something unique to do while in Bali.

20. See one of the world’s weirdest fish: A mola mola in Nusa Lembongan

Normally this giant sunfish, also known as the mola mola, is a deep dweller, but between the months of July and November, they come up to the surface, possibly to be cleaned by other small cleaner fish. For many divers seeing these weirdos is a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal.

21. Batu Belig beach

The Batu Belig beach, located in the area of Kerobokan in North Kuta, isn’t a beach to go far out of your way for, but if you are staying at one of the hotels or Air BnB around Seminyak or Petitenget, it’s nice to head here around sunset and catch those last rays, on the beach or in the water.

22. Chill at the Ulu Cliffhouse

This beach club is the place to go to hang to all day near a bar and pool, with awesome views of the ocean, and then dance at night with all-star DJs jamming. According to their site – “Not a restaurant, a hotel, or a bar and more than just the traditional beach club. Ulu Cliffhouse is your ultimate day out in Bali.”

23. Visit the Bali House of Masks and Puppets

If you are a fan of old traditional masks from around the world, you definitely want to check this place out. Some of the types of masks and huge puppets that are used in the Kecak and Barong dances are in the museum, as well as a lot more scary and interesting ones. Check it out.

24. Check out the Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Feel like ziplining through the jungle at high speed? Then this is the place. The park and various rides are available to all ages and experience levels, and are a fun thing to do in Bali!

25. Time for dinner in Jimbaran

Jimbaran is a fishing village and beach south of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. Jimbaran Bay has a long beach with calm waters and is lined with fish restaurants and backed by tropical forest. Yet another option if you want to try out new places in Bali.

26. Get to work in a Batik factory

We visited one of the batik factories, where they let you create your own little design. First, we would draw out a design on the fabric with melted wax, then later the ladies would help jazz it up before mixing in lots of color dyes. Later when the wax is melted it makes cool little batiks! A pretty unique experience that we recommend to all.

27. Take in a Devdan show

Another great dance performance, with more lights and crazy things going on, is the Devdan show in the Nusa Dua Theatre. Check out their site here, to see a video of how cool the show can be.

28. Drink from the waters at Goa Gajah

Built for meditation, Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave Temple, dates back to the 11th century. The Elephant Caves, which actually has no elephants, is located in Bedulu Village, six kilometers out of central Ubud. Enjoy the beauty it has with its relic-lined courtyard, stone carvings, meditation cave, bathing pools, and fountains.

29. Explore Jatikuwih rice terraces

Here are some more beautiful rice terraces, these ones located in Tabanan. It seems like there is a big rice field tourism boom, and for good reason. So if you are looking for more options, here is a good one.


30. Go wreck diving at Tulamben

One of the most famous wreck dives in the world is located in Tulamben, on the northeast coast of Bali. The wreck is called the Liberty and is great for experienced divers as well as beginners. The Liberty is so big that it ranges in depth from 3 meters all the way down to 28. It is also covered in corals and marine life and is a must-see for any diver.

31. Chill on Serangan beach

Serangan Beach is a beautiful beach situated in Serangan Village, which was formerly a small island made from sediment and has now been connected with a permanent bridge to the mainland. There is also good surfing here. You can spend the day surfing, relaxing on the beach, and eating lunch from one of the vendors in the area. Good times.

32. Discover gems of Sukawati

Ubud can get pretty crowded, so you might rather head 30 minutes away to Sukawati, which is a lot quieter with plenty of hidden gems to see. There are waterfalls such as Goa Rang Reng and Tegenungan, as well a secret canyon called Beji Guwang, and much more that you should check out.

33. Hang out at Doom Kitchen and Bar

There is a cool little restaurant and bar in Badung, that have some awesome burgers and lots more things. It’s a great option if you happen to be in the area, or want to do a little road trip.

34. Eat green at Alchemy Cafe in Ubud

The Alchemy Cafe is Bali’s first 100% raw vegan cafe & juice bar and organic health food store. It seems like we’re listing a bunch of things from Ubud, and it’s not intentional but Ubud is the cultural hub of Bali and has a lot of cool places. By the way, have you ever had pineapple bacon?

35. Get stretchy in the Yoga Barn

We know a lot of you reading this are hippies are heart, or maybe just would love to hit some cool yoga spots during your trip, so we recommend hitting up the Yoga Bar located in Bali. Check out their site and see the cool things they are doing! Hey, maybe combining a visit to Yoga Barn and Alchemy Cafe would make an epic day!

36. Take the kids to Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is a nice place featuring orangutans, elephants & African lions, plus interactive encounters & shows. The exact address is Jalan Raya Singapadu, Sukawati, Singapadu, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, but since that’s a lot to tell the taxi driver, I’d just go with “Bali Zoo please”.

37. Climb the steps to Uluwatu Temple

Once you arrive at the Uluwatu temple complex, one entry takes you right on a path that follows the cliff top, and this gets you some great views. It also has a lot of crazy monkeys trying to steal everything, so hold on to your water bottles, sunglasses, cameras, and everything else. The left path takes you up the stone steps to the temple at the peak and it’s beautiful.

38. Head to Kuta for some nightlife

Like I mentioned above, Kuta is a popular hangout for backpackers and Australians (and tons of other young travelers), so it’s no wonder that Kuta is the place to be for nightclubs are bars. One of the more popular nightclubs is Sky Bar, and last time I was there they gave free drinks until midnight. But there are plenty of other places to check out as well

39. Hike up Mount Batur

Mount Batur surrounds the 13-square kilometer Batur caldera lake and makes for a popular hike. Those looking for adventure can take the road down to the lakeshore. This leads you to Toya Bungkah, Ulun Danu Batur temple, and a collection of hot springs. Batur is also where you can see the Kintamani volcano.

40. Go for some luxury in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua are is the more upscale and luxurious part of Bali, so if you want to get some pampering, go visit Nusa Dua, or even plan on staying there the whole trip in one of the fancy resorts.

41. Explore Candidasa

Candidasa is a popular beach town on the east coast, and also serves as a good base for exploring some of Bali’s important historical sites, such as the Taman Ujung water palace and the Tirta Gangga royal water gardens.

44. Marvel at stone carvings in Batubulan

I really can’t get enough of the stone carvings all over Bali, and if you get to Batubulan you can see where a lot of them are made and sold. I never get tired of seeing the demons and gods of the Hindu religion, and you won’t either.

45. Visit the Bali turtle sanctuary

We have conflicting emotions about this one. On one hand, it feels like the many turtles, of all sizes and ages, were really exploited for the tourist, where they were handled a ton by visitors. There were also some big snakes. But on the other hand, if these turtles really were rescued and are unable to be released successfully, then we guess it’s a good thing.

46. Have a family outing at Waterbom

Waterbom is a popular water park, more known by Indonesian’s than tourists, that is located in Kartika Plaza Tuban in Kuta. There are a ton of rides for all ages, as well as restaurants, swim-up bars food courts, and more. Spend the day at the water watching your kids on the rides, or join in and don’t let them have all the fun.


47. Get that Instagram shot at Gitgit Waterfall

We know you want to make your friends back home jealous of your trip to Bali, and we know how you can do it. Just head to Gitgit, and make your new profile photo and Instagram post! GitGit waterfall is perhaps the most popular falls on the island and is a 10km drive south of Singaraja in North Bali. Enjoy these 40m tall falls and surroundings.

48. Learn Bali history at Puri Lukisan Museum

Here is yet another cool museum, with a really relaxing and pretty open-air garden or center. This is the oldest art museum in Bali, and you can join your kids in some workshops, if you book a day in advance. The museum is located in Ubud.

49. Do some shopping at Pasar Badung

I’m not sure if a lot of people come to Bali just for shopping unless it’s for unique souvenirs, but if you do want to do some, then a lot of people head to Pasar Bandung for a lot of options.

50. More marveling at wood carvings in Mas

Just like the beautiful and detailed stone carvings all over Bali, there are also some amazing wood carving artists, especially in Mas, that you should watch work. There are some awesome wood panels, from small to large wall reliefs, that are shockingly detailed and intricate.

51. Check out the Jimbaran fish market

There is a big fish market you can wander through in Jimbaran Bay, where you can see tons of lobsters and shrimp and tons of other fish. If you want to cook your own fresh fish this is a place to get it.

52. Have some seafood in Sanur

We’re probably mentioning Sanur too much here, but there are some great seafood restaurants and stalls here, and it’s not far to travel.

53. Go caving at Uluwatu Beach

While you are exploring the Uluwatu temple complex on the cliffs, you must include Uluwatu beach in your trip, which is best known as one of the world’s best beaches for surfers, and you will find an incredible hidden cave beach that is the starting and endpoint to catch some of the toughest waves.

54. Take yourself or your partner to the spa

Did you know that Bali has the highest concentrations of spas in all of Indonesia? Well, now you do! Be sure to take full advantage of this fact, and take a trip to one of the many spas in town, for a Balinese massage,  face mask, or pedicure!

55. Get in the hills of Munduk

As more and more tourists travel and discover Bali, mountain villages like Munduk, located in Central Bali’s highlands, are making names for themselves. Now, Munduk serves as a place for those who want to retreat and blanket themselves with Bali’s lush jungles.

56. Swim or dive with giant manta rays in Nusa Penida

scuba dive with manta rays

During the right seasons, you should head to Nusa Penida and hit up a dive center to see some giant manta rays. These are one of the most magnificent creatures in the world, and if you are here for scuba it would be a shame to miss them. You can even use a dive center in Nusa Lembongan, which will take you to the manta cleaning stations.

57. Take a Yeh Gangga beach horse ride

Yeh Gangga beach is another nice and quiet beach in Bali, which is located in Tabanan. There are tour companies there that let you take fun little horse rides down the beach, so try that out. They also offer ATV and bike tours, so that might interest you too while there.

58. Try Babi Guling at least once

If you really want to try local dishes, you need to find a place that offers Babi Guling. It’s basically where the whole pig is roaster for a long time over a fire, and to us, it tastes awesome when finished. It might look disgusting, but it certainly isn’t.

59. Catch some sun rays on Balangan Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Bali and attracts loads of surf and beach lovers. It is located near Kuta, so also easy and fast to get to. Ask any taxi or Uber and they will know right where to take you.

60. Take a tour of Nusa Penida

We already mentioned diving in Nusa Penida, but it is also a popular and fun thing to rent a scooter and explore the island. There are a lot of nice beaches, elevated viewpoints, awesome statues and temples, and more. You are sure to make a memorable trip doing this!

Just be careful – the roads here are definitely not for new or nervous drivers. If you’re not that confident on a scooter on rough roads, we highly recommend hiring a driver and car for the day. We know we might sound like your mom, but seriously, these roads can be really tricky and it’s just not a fun day out when someone gets seriously injured.

61. Take a tour of Bali’s magnificent Hindu statues

As we mentioned in the intro, one of our favorite things about Bali is all the epic statues. Hire a car or get a scooter, and go searching for the many many insane and scary-looking statues on the island. You won’t regret that.


62. Wander the Marigold fields

Ever notice all of the bright yellow flowers that locals use on the many many small idols around Bali? You can also drive between Kintamani and Bedugul and see where they are grown in abundance! It’s something different to see for sure.

63. Explore the Bali Bird Park

There is an enclosed aviary in Gianyar Regency, that has an area of 2,000 square meters. This bird park houses more than 2000 birds and 250 species, so you bird lovers now have something cool to look forward to!

64. Kusamba beach salt farms

Here is one of the more unique activities on the list. In Kusamba there are a bunch of traditional salt farms, running as old as 1000 years. Here you can see locals harvesting salt from their plots, or other local fishermen getting their jukung boats out to see.

65. Scuba Dive in Amed

Amed in eastern Bali, located in between Tulamben and Saraya, has its own set of unique and great dive sites to check out. Scuba divers and underwater photographers love Amed for its wide plethora of rare critters. We also mentioned Amed in our complete guide to scuba diving in Bali.

Scuba diving in bali best spots


66. Enjoy some water sports in Sanur

Sanur has been mentioned a few times in this guide, so if you are there to check out the beach or to eat some great local cuisine, you might also like to head to some of the water sports shops and do some wakeboarding or the many other water activities on offer. Ever tried parasailing?

67. Get even more history at Bali Provincial State Museum

Here is yet another cool museum. We know there are a lot of museums listed here, but history lovers will thank us later. It’s always nice to have options!

68. Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Blanco, arguably the most famous and successful artist to ever live in Bali, built his magnificent studio on top of a mountain overlooking the Campuhan River. This beautiful building is a blend of Balinese architecture and his native Spain and houses an interesting collection of works drawn from different periods of his long career.

69. Walk Campuhan Ridge

Another awesome hike in Bali is the Campuhan Ridge. Actually, this is more of an easy walk than a hike, that takes you through green hills and jungles, rather than the many popular rice terraces walks.

Campuhan is just outside of Ubud, and you can find many tour offices with more information.


70. Travel to Karangasem

Karangasem regency in eastern Bali has been receiving much attention since Mount Agung first erupted in late November 2017. As it turns out there are a lot of great attractions and places to visit here besides the volcano, like its beaches, culture, landscapes, Lempuyang Luhur Temple, Tenganan village, Bukit Putung, Tirta Gangga, Bukit Asah, and much more.

71. Get a Poke Bowl in Canggu

While you are in Canggu loafing on the beach, you are definitely going to work up a hunger, so I suggest trying one of my favorite little restaurants called Balifornia, and trying their Poke Bowl (pronounced POKEY). It’s something between a burrito, sushi, and a salad, and is awesome and healthy. They also have other good food if raw salmon isn’t your thing.

72. Socialize at Canggu Beach

Canggu has a really popular stretch of beach, that is lined with tons of little bars and a few restaurants. Each bar has a bunch of giant cushions and bean bag chairs out front on the beach and is a chill place to have a beer with friends. Finns Beach Club is a popular spot to sit off the sand if that is your thing.

73. Spot wild dolphins in Lovina

If you want to spot wild dolphins and get a little bit out of the main tourist locations, head to the far north coast of Bali to Lovina, where you can take one of the various dolphin spotting tours. We also mentioned Lovina in our guide to diving in Bali.

74. Check out the beautiful Pura Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple is the main attraction in the village of Mengwi, Badung regency, located 17km northwest of Denpasar. This temple complex boasts magnificent traditional architectural features throughout its courtyards and has expansive garden landscapes comprised of lotus and fish ponds. If you love temples, this is another good one.

75. Get a bite at Warung Blanjong

There is a great restaurant in Sanur called Warung Blanjong, and everyone is raving about their Nasi Campur Special. Even local Balinese are saying it’s the best! Be sure to check them out if you’re in town.

76. Get a soak at Banjar hot springs

Banjar hot springs locally referred to as ‘Air Panas Banjar’, are located approximately 5km southwest from Lovina in North Bali. The hot water springs provide a recreational and therapeutic experience, due to the water’s sulphuric content. If you don’t want to get in the water, you can relax in their nice gardens.

77. Bali Marine and Safari Park

Want to see some cool animals? Here’s an excerpt from Bali Marine Park “Home to over a thousand amazing animals – Bali Safari is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience. Our park is home to animals representing more than 100 species, including rare & endangered species – the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah bird.

Bali Safari Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. We are actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species.”

78. Coastal helicopter tour

If you want to get a birds-eye view of the Uluwatu Temple complex and the beautiful coastline, definitely look into taking one of the awesome coastal helicopter tours. There won’t be any monkeys stealing your sunglasses, and you’ll have the best seat in town.

79. Bedugul Lakes helicopter tour

Bedugul is famous for its three crater lakes, its water temple, the famous Ulun Danu Temple you can get a different perspective with a helicopter tour of it all! You will first rise up over the caldera rim of Bratan Lake, which is 1200 meters above sea level, with its famous water temple and nearby botanical gardens. Be sure to check these tours out!

80. Take a scenic bike ride

If you just want to take a wander, and maybe get some exercise, it’s a popular thing to do in Bali to get out of the hustle and bustle and traffic of the cities and go for a nice scenic bike ride. There are some amazing landscapes around Bali that would make for a nice ride.

81. Fly in a jetpack in Tanjung Benoa

If you want to try one of the most thrilling water sports, head to Nusa Dua Water Sports Bali in Tanjung Banoa, to strap on a jetpack. After some instruction, you will be flown up to 30 feet in the air, and able to hit speeds of 30 miles an hour. How good do you think you can get? Tickets cost about $75.

82. Do a Mt Batur volcano private helicopter

We highly recommend a helicopter tour of the Kintamani Volcano, where they take the scenic detour over the Kuta Beach coastline and Tanah Lot temple on the West coast, reaching Mt Batur after a 25-minute flight. The whole trip is an hour flight and a really awesome way to see these views.

83. Eat at Moana in Canggu, Bali

We asked a lot of friends where the best place to eat is in Bali, and many of them said it was Moana in Canggu. Moana has great, healthier food options, mostly Hawaiian/Polynesian, and just like Balifornia that I mentioned above, they have their own “Poke Bowl”, which was awesome.

84. Eat at Samir Beach 

People head to Samir because of the simple, more laid-back atmosphere, where you can get away from normal crowds and have a hassle-free day on the beach. A meal for 2 can even cost as little as $10, and they are pretty good.

85. Another look into history at the Museum Gedung Arca (Museum Arkeologi)

This is a great museum for students or history lovers, and worth planning a couple of hours visit. It is located in Medan, so be sure to check that out.

86. Gaze from the view point of Tegallalang rice fields in Ubud

The Tegallalang rice terraces are probably the most commonly visited out of all the ones on this list, mainly because they are so close to Ubud and easy to get to. We’ll just let the video do the talking here!

87. Be amazed at another temple called Besakih

Besakih Temple, known as Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’ is over 1,000 years old, and sits 1,000 meters high on the slopes of Mount Agung. This is a unique complex that comprises of at least 86 temples which include the main Pura Penataran Agung. It’s definitely worth a visit.

88. Do some diving in the remote Gilimanuk

Gilimanuk is known to most travelers as the port to catch the ferry from the island of Bali to the island of Java. What travelers may not know, however, is that the stait between these two islands is also perfect for watersports, like scuba diving, thanks to the calm and clear waters. You’ll be blown away by the marine life here if you do some diving!

89. Elephant Safari under stars

Elephant safari Park Taro in Ubud offers elephant safari rides in the misty forest of Taro at nightfall. The elephants take you on Bali’s first twilight elephant trek, called Safari Under the Stars. You can also wash and swim and feed the elephants with the Mahouts, who treat the elephants like family.

90. Take a private tour of Bedugul and Beratan Lake

If you don’t feel like just wandering the lakes, you can actually hit up the many tour offices in most towns, and pay for a private or group tour. A really popular one to do is for Bedugul and Beratan Lake, where your guides will give you the tour that shows you spots only locals know about.

91. Partake in drink in Seminyak

Seminyak is a beach resort area at the southern end of Bali, with many luxury hotels, villas, spas, as well as high-end shopping and restaurants. There are also a good number of bars, where you can have a drink and meet other travelers.

92. Check out the traditional Barong dances

In our opinion this is a must do when  in Bali. Watching this dance is a truly unique experience with their crazy movements and music and costumes. Just check out the video above, and skip to 2:56 to see the demon come out. At each show, they give you a script to try and follow along, as each play is a story. So it’s fun to try and figure out what is happening. (Monkey god fights demon to steal princess).

93. Find yet another beautiful waterfall, Blemantung

Another beautiful waterfall you can check out, about 2 hours drive from Denpasar, is Blemantung, located in the village Blemantung Pujungan, District Pupuan, Tabanan. The waterfall is pretty, but so is the drive as Tabanan regency is the largest rice-producing area in Bali, so you will drive by tons of nice rice terraces.

94. Cable Wakeboard Park

Bali Wake Park features state-of-the-art full-size cable systems built around a 5-hectare lake and is the first and only cable wake park in Bali. New for 2018, Bali Wake Park is now home to Asia’s largest AQUA PARK – a new addition that is equipped with all kinds of water attractions and has many facilities to make your holiday exciting until the last moment.


95. Take on a motorbike tour from Mount Batur to Ubud

Like I mentioned above, Mount Batur, the volcano, and the lake are really popular and satisfying hikes and day trips, but if you want to get the most out of it there are companies that offer motorbike tours to the mountain from Ubud. Just ask around the many tour shops in Ubud to find the right one, and you’ll have one awesome adventure.

96. Head to Hanging Gardens Restaurant

The Hanging Gardens is a very elegant restaurant just outside of Ubud, with spectacular views of the vast valley, temple, and gorges over the Ayung River. Here you can get gourmet meals from Michelin-level chefs, in a very beautiful setting. This might be the best date spot in Bali?

97. Canyoning in Bali

If you are a fan of repelling down waterfalls and canyons, there are a lot of great places to do it in Bali, but the most awesome place has to be Kerenkali Canyon.  This river running through a narrow canyon has tons of pools along the way, where you traverse by either repelling down, sliding down, or cliff jumping. It’s insanely fun.


98. Do some cliff jumping

There are actually a lot of places around Bali where you can do jump off of ledges and cliffs into crystal blue waters if that’s your sort of thing. For the best cliffs head to Blue Lagoon in Nusa Cenigan, Atuh in Nusa Penida, Aling Aling waterfall in North Bali, and a bunch more. Check out this sweet guide to Cliff Jumping in Bali.


99. Take a day cruise to Nusa Lembongan

If you just want to leave Bali for a day, Nusa Lembongan is a great option. There are plenty of ferries or sailing boats and Wakas that you can take across, and once there you can do some diving, beach chilling, or exploring on this beautiful island. It’s not a far trip, so you can easily just make it a day trip and be back for dinner, or stay awhile.


100. Plan your own car tour of Bali’s best beaches

One of our favorite things to do in Bali is to just rent a scooter or a car, map out some good beaches, and just go for a day-wander. We’ve named a lot of the beaches above, but you can also just open a map and pick a few to discover for yourself!


101. Get artsy at Agung Rai Art Museum

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) was established for a purpose. Founded by Agung Rai, a Balinese who has devoted his life to the preservation and development of Balinese art and culture. The museum hosts regular performances 4 times a week, A learning center for local children to master their traditional dance skills, and activities for visitors.


And that’s the end of our list!

There are many more great things going on in Bali that you should check out, these are just our top recommendations!

If you have done something awesome in Bali that isn’t on the list, be sure to comment below, and let us know!

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